If you want to know more about Eupago, our services and all the advantages of considering us an ideal partner for your growth, please keep reading.


How can I become a Eupago customer?

To become a Eupago customer and start receiving payments by Multibanco and Payshop, you need to send us all the necessary documentation. You don't have to own a company or be an individual entrepreneur.

Is my money safe?

Yes, it is! Our company is a Payment Institution that rigorously implements the recommendations of its regulator (Bank of Portugal), and is constantly evaluated by the same entity. It couldn't be any safer.

Payment institution? What is that?

Payment institutions are authorized entities who provide and execute payment services in all the European Community.


Do I need to have an online store to use Eupago services?

No. You can create and send by e-mail the references through your customer area. Aside from that, we have developed methods that integrate our system with the most diverse e-commerce platforms, such as: Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, etc. We also developed a powerful API.

API? Prestashop? I don't get it... I just want to add Multibanco/Payshop on my website? Does it have extra costs?

If you are not a computer expert or your company doesn't have an IT department, you can use ours. For our team, nothing is impossible. We make sure that we have a solution for you. And the best part is that there are no additional costs!

Okay, I'm interested. What now?

Contact us and we will take care of everything.

I provided many references, but unfortunately not all of them were paid? Do I have to pay for all pending references?

No, you only pay for the references that are paid by your customers.

How can I know if my customer has already made the payment?

You will receive a notification in real time by e-mail or by SMS on your smartphone. One minute later you will know that the order is paid!

And there is no possibility of confusion? How do I know if the reference "X" belongs to the client "Y"?

It's simple: we allow you to associate an identifier that you create with a reference. It can be a number, a name, etc. That's your choice. You know better than anyone how to run your business.

And now that the reference is paid, where is my money?

Good question. It's very important to know where our money is. The amount paid goes from your customer account to a SIBS/Payshop account. After that, the funds are sent to a bank account owned by our company. After that, they are sent to you. SIBS, Payshop and Eupago are Payment Institutions regulated by the Bank of Portugal. You can be assured that our money is in good hands.

And when do I get the money?

The transfers are made daily. Eupago will proceed to payment until the 1st business day following receipt of payment, except in case of force majeure. In these cases, we will make the transfer by the second business day following the day we receive the payment.

A costumer contacted me and told me that in his bank statement it appears eupago.pt. What is the reason?

Yes, your costumer made a payment to a registered entity with our name. For this reason, the payments are always made to Eupago, and that is the reason why the name of our institution appears in their bank statement.

When can I pay?

Then all that remains is to pay for the service. When do I pay the commissions?

Don't worry. The commissions will be charged to the value of the transaction. For example, if you get a payment in the amount of 10,00 € and you subscribed the plan X, you will be credited a total of 9,14€.

And what about my invoice?

The invoices are processed monthly (or at the final period of the payment), and they will be available immediately. All the invoices are sent to your e-mail, together with a complete report of the movements made. Also, in your customer area, you will have access to all the information at any time.